Do you hear "no" from your firm before even asking the question?

RBC Wealth Management empowers our employees with a spirit of entrepreneurship. We combine world-class strength and global resources with a vibrant small-firm culture. 

RBC seeks the advisor whose character is as strong as their production, and whose investments are primarily in relationships.  We seek the right people, in the right places, striving for excellence.

Advice you can trust

Distinguished by a long heritage of financial integrity and unwavering dedication to our clients, RBC has consistently earned high credit ratings.1

  • Moody's Aa1 and A1 / stable4
  • Standard & Poor's AA- and A / stable4
  • Fitch Ratings AA2 and AA-3 / stable4

Additionally, RBC has a reputation of strength and stability with a high-quality balance sheet, proactive risk management and a strong liquidity position.

Supportive environment

We recognize that our advisors’ relationships with their clients are the only reason we are in business. So we have a strong, responsive culture that supports you as an entrepreneur. Helping you cultivate long-lasting client relationships is at the center of everything we do as a firm. At RBC Wealth Management, we provide opportunities for professionals with diverse backgrounds and from multiple industries to become financial advisors.

Practice flexibility

We believe in advisor autonomy. What does that mean? Two fundamental principles: Your clients are your clients. And your business is your business. We offer a high degree of practice flexibility and encourage you to run your business in a way that is most natural for you. Whether that means taking a consultative approach as a wealth manager, a strategic asset allocation approach as a fee-based investment advisor or a tactical approach specializing in traditional investments, you have the freedom to run your business the way you want to.

Global resources

Having a powerhouse like the Royal Bank of Canada behind you is no small thing. As a financial advisor with our Private Client Group, you will have access to its world-class capabilities, along with the support and guidance of our nationally-recognized team of analysts, and an experienced corporate team committed to helping you grow your business.

Whatever winning means to you, we can help you achieve it

Allow us to answer your questions and share more about the rewards of partnering with RBC Wealth Management. Contact us today to learn more.

Our Team

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Our culture

President Thomas Sagissor explains why RBC Wealth Management is dedicated to a culture for financial advisors that encourages autonomy and an entrepreneurial spirit.

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