A team dedicated to help you succeed.

RBC Wealth Management and its predecessor firms have proudly delivered wealth management services to individuals, families, municipalities, communities and companies of all sizes since 1909 — more than a century of serving our local communities, and helping our friends, families and neighbors reach their financial goals.

Through teamwork, integrity, quality service and leadership, the firm and its professionals have been fortunate enough to stay actively engaged in the success and growth of the people we work with each day, and the communities we work and live in.

Throughout the years, though our name has changed, our values have remained the same; to serve our clients and community with integrity.

Read more to learn about the team of individuals dedicated to helping financial advisors like you build and grow your business, while serving your clients and community with integrity.

Complex Director

Complex directors are responsible for the sustainable growth and profitability of the complex. To achieve this, they focus on helping financial advisors and branch managers improve and grow, supporting RBC Wealth Management’s growth initiatives through the attraction and obtainment of talent, and increasing RBC Wealth Management’s visibility throughout the region.


About our team

We are proud of our service-oriented culture dedicated to putting clients first and we are committed to ensuring all advisors and clients enjoy a smooth transition to RBC Wealth Management. Scroll through our team members below to learn more about who we are and how we can be of service to you.

Brenda Marshall

Vice President - Complex Assistant Manager


Angela Carr

Vice President - Complex Assistant Manager


Corey Sacken

Associate Vice President, Senior Branch Service Manager

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Client Strategies Team

With individual specializations across a variety of financial disciplines, the Client Strategies Team serves as a unique resource to RBC Wealth Management financial advisors. Our clients and advisors both benefit from the collective expertise of this team, and their ability to help enhance the effectiveness of wealth management strategies—from recommendations through delivery of solutions.


Wealth Strategist


Wealth Management Banker


Trust Consultant


High-Net Worth Annuity Consultant