Portfolio construction and oversight

Developing an investment objective and risk tolerance

Every client has unique financial/aspirational goals, risk tolerance and investment bias.  I advise clients on topics such as; risk management, time horizon, liquidity needs, income needs, liability management, creation of generational wealth and most important allowing them to focus on what is most important in their lives.

Implementing the investment objective

Once I have a deep understanding of our clients needs, I can work with them to construct an investment portfolio that will help them achieve those goals.  At RBC Wealth Management I have the ability to use best in breed managers within our organization, best in breed external money managers or a combination of both.  We are not required to sell proprietary products or services.

We are not Stock Pickers or Market Timing

I do not believe in stock picking or market timing.  I believe in long term investing.  The goal is to reduce market volatility by constructing a well-diversified/balanced portfolios with a tilt towards wealth preservation, reliable income and tax efficiency.   I strive to construct portfolios that provide steady/reliable income in good times and bad.  I manage to our clients' objectives and in the case of Non-Profit clients I manage to an Investment Policy Statement.  I re-balance client portfolios quarterly, semi-annually or annually to help reduce risk and take advantage of opportunities in the market. 

Stay the course

Investing family wealth is an emotional endeavor.  It is my job to help clients stay the course and not invest based on emotions.  My clients are long term investors.  As such, I continually remind our clients that their investment portfolios are built to provide steady/reliable in goods times and bad.  I do not try to time the market.  This has proven to have a negative impact on performance (long-term).  I re-balance the portfolio in both good and bad markets to bring the portfolio in line with the stated objective.  The firm has a deep bench of analysts that provide real-time analysis on Equity, Fixed Income and Alternative Markets. 


I work closely with internal/external money managers, the Office of our Chief Investment Officer and RBC analysts to asses market risks, interest rate risk and geopolitical risk.  As such, most of my accounts are discretionary accounts where I manage to the clients ultimate objective.  At a minimum, my clients will receive quarterly reports detailing asset allocation, portfolio performance, income received & projected and how we're tracking to the corresponding indices.  I am very sensitive to individual tax implications and communicate realized/unrealized gains on a quarterly basis.   In most cases I have regular conversations with my clients monthly to discuss liquidity needs, credit needs or plan for future needs.

For more information about anything you have read above, please contact me today. 

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