Investment philosophy

The Abrahamson Investment Group utilizes a unique process that blends three traditional investment philosophies to manage our clients’ assets. By using a combination of growth, value, and technical investing, we have created a multi-step process that strives to reduce risk while trying to maximizing returns in all types of market environments. These steps include determining an individual client’s investor profile, style diversification, asset class overweight, sector rotation, monitoring and rebalancing, and finally, individual security selection. Where we are most proficient in executing our investment philosophy is with our Portfolio Focus program.

We have the ability to utilize RBC Wealth Management’s Portfolio Focus program, through which we can make discretionary investment decisions on your behalf, which allows you to simplify your life by freeing up your time. Only a select group of RBC Wealth Management’s Financial Advisors are eligible to serve as advisors in the Portfolio Focus program, and the Abrahamson Investment Group has had the designation of Senior Portfolio Manager for the past three years. This elite designation within RBC Wealth Management means that we have been carefully screened and have established that we have the knowledge and experience necessary to carefully evaluate and implement the most suitable investment ideas available.

No commissions are involved in Portfolio Focus transactions. Instead, you pay one quarterly fee, based on your total assets under management. As a result, our compensation is tied to the value of your account – not to the number of trades we make for you. With this approach, you know you are getting objective, solution-oriented investment advice.

Of course, not every situation benefits from a fee based platform, and for these scenarios, we do offer traditional commission based accounts. Clients interested in building a portfolio of individual bonds, bond funds, and mutual funds of one fund family often find this arrangement to be most beneficial.

No matter your needs, we’re confident that our exclusive approach to managing assets is one that separates us from other industry peers. Let us show you how the Abrahamson Investment Group is uniquely different.