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Our philosophy

Proactive, independent, objective and conservative

We pride ourselves in being advocates for our clients. That means staying proactive, independent and objective. We believe this is key to helping achieve better returns and protecting principal over time, especially in these fast-changing markets.  We strive to take the least amount of risk needed to achieve our clients' goals and objectives. We maintain a strict emphasis on limiting downside risk. Whether you are nearing or at retirement and need to ensure a steady stream of income, or the sponsor of a large foundation or endowment seeking steady growth in order to meet future obligations, limiting and managing your portfolio's risk is critical in reaching your objectives.

Our team approach

Collaboration and consensus

We leverage our experience and knowledge to provide solutions for our clients' financial needs. Gabe and Ryan collaborate to determine the very best strategy for each of our clients' unique financial needs and goals. This helps ensure that while each client will have a primary point of contact within our group, the entire team will know the specifics of the investments that we are collectively managing. Solutions are not implemented until there is consensus among team members on the best course of action for each of our clients' investment strategies.

We leverage the vast resources of RBC Wealth Management and its specialists, as well as the long-term, trusted relationships we have built with the many other financial institutions with whom we do business. This gives us the advantage of having many different perspectives on investment ideas and strategies that will ultimately benefit our clients.

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