Process — collaboration

Discovery, planning, implementation and review.

  • Getting to know one another is the first step in the wealth management process. The Aguirre Wilson Group believes that this initial step is critical to long-term success of the advisor/client relationship. Not all people are compatible. Both the client and the Aguirre Wilson Group need to ensure through this initial step if there is a fit to work together. This will allow us to proceed through the process.
  • Once an agreement is made that there is a good fit to move forward, the planning process starts. This entails data gathering, current balance sheet and estate planning reviews, and desired outcome analysis. This step will require collaboration with other professionals, such as your CPA and estate attorney.
  • After a plan is organized, we move on to implementation of investment strategies. The Aguirre Wilson Group believes in implementing this process for each client’s individual plan.
  • The ongoing component of our wealth management process is the review of a client’s plans. As financial markets and life events evolve, so should the advice and guidance provided by the Aguirre Wilson Group.
  • Because no successful wealth management plan is created without the help of many skilled professionals, the Aguirre Wilson Group works in conjunction with CPAs, attorneys and other advisors to help accomplish our clients’ financial goals.

Investment management

Customization, simplicity and adaptability.

  • In today’s commoditized world of robo-advice and algorithm-based asset allocations, the Aguirre Wilson Group keeps our client base to a size that enables us to provide customized investment solutions for our clients’ wealth management process.
  • Investment management does not need to be overly complicated. Clarity and understanding can lead to successful outcomes. The Aguirre Wilson Group employs a core set of investment solutions that entail a specific process to security selection. These core solutions are then placed into a portfolio for our clients.
  • A portfolio must be able to adapt to the changing needs of a changing environment. We structure portfolios in a manner that allows for meeting today’s needs, but also tomorrow’s opportunities.