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Attention Qualcomm employees

Have you been affected by the recent changes at Qualcomm?

We have solutions for:

  • Concentrated stock positions
  • Low basis stock
  • Retirement account rollovers
  • Stock options, restricted stock and warrants
  • Changes to 2016 and 2017 dividend – 2016 & 2017 Form 1099
  • Retirement Planning

Critical financial events are sometimes predictable and planned, but our experience has shown they are more often random. One thing we do know is that they can have a profound impact on peoples' lives. Our team's purpose is to cushion the effects of the critical financial events in your life so you stay on track and reach your financial goals as your life unfolds and your needs evolve.

Our team has developed and refined a process we call The V FORMula, which brings all pieces of your financial puzzle together and aligns them with your goals and objectives. With a team, plan, and process in place our clients find they can look to the future with anticipation not apprehension.

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Who we are

The Andrews - Perry Group is a private wealth management team at RBC Wealth Management in La Jolla, CA. Our clients are successful families and individuals who seek advice and partnership. We have developed and refined a process we call the V FORMula which helps our clients organize their financial life, create a plan for the future and execute that plan as their life unfolds. The goal of the V FORMula is to allow our clients to live a "work-optional" lifestyle and pursue the things they love most.

We are convinced financial success is accomplished by taking a holistic view of the six pillars of your financial life to ensure that they work together;

  1. Wealth Management
  2. Risk Management
  3. Tax Management
  4. Estate Planning
  5. Cash and Debt 
  6. Philanthropy

We take great pride in the trust that our clients place in our team with their financial future. Financial success is a matter of choice not chance; it is an ongoing process, not an event. Helping our clients achieve this and celebrating their successes along the way is the most fulfilling part of our job.

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