Our most treasured asset is our clients' trust

How we earn it

We understand that we are in the relationship business and know that trust is at the heart of every relationship. This is why we take pride in our high standard of authenticity and transparency, removing confusion by communicating clearly with clients in concise language. Our work starts with you, putting ourselves in your shoes to understand where you want your wealth to take you. When working together to create your roadmap, even the smallest details are taken into consideration. This collaboration provides an opportunity to ensure our team is the right fit for you and your unique goals. The trust we build with our clients allows our team to do what we do best – build and manage customized solutions for each household to grow, protect and transfer wealth to future generations.

The Bailey, Burns & Redford Wealth Group has been recognized as one of RBC’s top teams since its inception. We help high net worth individuals, families of multi-generational wealth and foundations achieve financial freedom.

Advice you can trust

Distinguished by a long heritage of financial integrity and unwavering dedication to our clients, RBC has consistently earned high credit ratings.1

  • Moody's Aa1 and A1 / stable4
  • Standard & Poor's AA- and A / stable4
  • Fitch Ratings AA2 and AA-3 / stable4

Additionally, RBC has a reputation of strength and stability with a high-quality balance sheet, proactive risk management and a strong liquidity position.

Global Insight Monthly

Global Insight Cover Image - June 2024Longevity: Cracking the aging code

Science is developing ways to slow, stall, and possibly even reverse ageing. We explore the most promising advances and the link between scientific breakthroughs and intriguing investments.  Read the Global Insight Monthly »

Let's take the next step together

We welcome you to experience the RBC Wealth Management difference yourself. Contact us today to set up a meeting.

Meet the team

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