Our approach

Team synergy

Our team is defined by the ability to put our heads together and care for our relationships through a combined effort. The extra horsepower each of our teammates brings to the table contributes to our focus - custom portfolio solutions driving the success of your plan.

Avoid being put in a box

The guidance you receive should be based on much more than just your age or a target retirement date. Clients of the Bailey, Burns & Redford Wealth Group, receive purposeful guidance and a disciplined game plan.

Investment philosophy

We believe that wealth is not built by speculation but by a strategic approach to managing risk. Our approach to stocks is based upon the law of supply and demand. While often overlooked, analyzing supply and demand (buyers and sellers) dictates whether the markets are moving in a broadly offensive or defensive direction. By starting with a broad view of the financial markets we then zoom in on asset classes, focus on sectors and finally put money to work in companies where it matters most. Our approach to fixed income involves the lost art of hand-picking individual bonds providing our clients a fixed and predictable source of liquidity and income. Contrary to the one size fits all approach we see within our industry, we devote the time to craft our investment portfolios by hand, customized to each client.