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Glen Bayless has been a financial advisor—at the same firm—for over 25 years. Over the years as a Senior Vice President - Financial Advisor, his goal has been simple: To help clients sleep well at night. Glen and his team do that by earning your confidence and trust every day—and by helping you work toward your long-term financial goals and objectives.

We are focused exclusively on active investment management. This doesn't mean we're "active traders". What it does mean is that we're active managers of your wealth. Our philosophy—for all our clients—is investment management to meet your long-term goals in a style that takes your objectives and expectations into account.

Professional athletes, coaches and agents

In the case of our professional athlete clients, we also work closely with your agent and other trusted advisors to assist you with every facet of your financial situation. Further, we assist you in looking toward your entire career - up to, and including, transitioning out of the league. We pride ourselves on understanding the responsibilities and stresses that can come with sudden wealth. Our services are designed to help professional athletes reduce these pressures and simplify their lives.

To request a copy of our brochure, "Wealth Management Services for the Professional Athlete", email Glen.  Or, to learn more about the services we offer our professional athlete clients, visit our Professional Athlete Services page. Thank you for taking the time to view our website.

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