Providing complete financial services for personal injury clients

We consider personal injury attorneys who help families find remedies for negligent injuries as unsung heroes for those families. Without the help of litigation, many of those families would be in devastating positions.

Our passion in the financial industry is helping personal injury attorneys and their clients navigate the financial process of personal injury litigation. This includes researching and defining the anticipated financial needs of a client from both a medical expense and living point of view for the rest of their lives prior to litigation, and overseeing coordination of the financial side of trust settlements and development of wealth plans for the family.

Pre-litigation financial assistance

  • Work with your legal team to develop life expectancy estimations.
  • Work with companies providing medical analysis to identify anticipated future medical costs, including calculating in insurance premiums, Medicare and Medicaid coverage.
  • Determine housing needs—and costs based on each family’s medical situation.

Award settlement financial assistance

  • Work with guardianship, settlement and special needs trust companies to develop a wealth plan for the family.
  • If a trust is not available, provide financial advice to help family manage financial settlement.

Working with clients

Our mission is to listen so we can understand the medical and lifestyle needs, goals and plans of the client and their family. Based on that discussion, we can then develop a wealth plan to help those families live satisfactory lives.

If you are an attorney working on a personal injury case or a client pursuing personal injury litigation, contact us for help with financial management before you go to trial and with managing the settlement financially.

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