What clients can expect

Built on integrity, service and experience, BluWater Wealth Management Group delivers comprehensive, custom solutions that address your needs, goals, and your unique situations. The process starts with understanding your unique beliefs and core values to create a legacy and stewardship document that will wil serve as the template for estate planning, asset allocation, and multigenerational responsibility.  


First and foremost, our clients define us. We are bound by our code of ethics to act in our clients’ best interest. We pride ourselves on our integrity toward clients—fostering open communication with unparalleled trust and confidence. Our comprehensive, personalized approach helps to give clients peace of mind, knowing their financial resources are being managed by a trusted advisor group, so they can spend their time and energy actually living the lifestyle they worked so hard to achieve.

Superior client service

Our commitment to personal service will define all aspects of your relationship with BluWater Wealth Management Group. By listening before acting, we provide advice that anticipates and responds to your requirements. We work closely with each client and their other trusted advisors to ensure a comprehensive wealth management solution. Many clients come to us with long established professional relationships, and we frequently work in collaboration with those advisors with the singular goal of providing a detailed and executable wealth management solution.

Disciplined process

We understand that markets as well as investment styles are cyclical, but believe that over the long-term an investor prospers by maintaining a disciplined and focused approach. We don’t believe timing the market is a viable strategy. Our approach to asset allocation is tactical when required, but primarily strategic and incremental, not reactive and never dramatic. We start with an optimal diversification strategy that fits your sustainable values while aiming to provide a solution to your goals.

Our obligation is to you

We maintain complete independence and objectivity in our investment decisions. Our portfolio are managed on a Fiduciary basis assuring you that we are always acting in your best interest.  Our allegiance is to you—no decision is made without first considering your portfolio and your goals. Our incentive is to preserve and responsibly grow your wealth. We fully understand our ultimate success is defined by you reaching your goals and with the personal relationships built with each individual client. We take pride in our long-standing relationships with clients and in our achievements on their behalf. We love doing our job well and it shows in every aspect of our relationship with you.