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As an RBC financial professional, our mission it to align each client's unique goals, values and needs with a customized planning process and design investments and wealth management strategies to work towards those objectives.

We follow an in-depth discovery approach that leads to a true understanding of each client's specific situation, time horizon and risk tolerance.

This practice helps us focus on growing and protecting the assets of high net worth clients including  families, corporate executives, and businesses by leveraging my experiences and the resources at RBC to help solve complex financial issues.

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Global Insight Cover Image - June 2024Longevity: Cracking the aging code

Science is developing ways to slow, stall, and possibly even reverse ageing. We explore the most promising advances and the link between scientific breakthroughs and intriguing investments.  Read the Global Insight Monthly »

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Amid an innovation revolution in biotech that stands to not only transform our lives but also impact investment portfolios, what should investors be looking for?

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