Personal wealth management

We provide experience and investment expertise for individuals looking for an investment strategy that works. Our process is as unique as our client's own financial picture. We develop a wealth management plan by asking the right questions, listening to their answers and implementing an investment strategy tailored to meet their goals. We also recognize that circumstances change over time. We react to changing needs by reviewing and updating your RBC wealth management plan. We proactively coordinate with your professional tax and legal advisors to see that our clients have a comprehensive and cohesive roadmap for financial success. 

Corporate retirement plan services

We provide comprehensive corporate retirement plan services for plan sponsors and participants. If you are a plan sponsor, we can help you fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities, as well as help your plan participants invest for their financial future.

Plan Sponsors benefit from the experience and versatility of a team working with a wide array of retirement plans ranging from plans with few participants to larger plans with thousands of participants. We assist Plan Sponsors in designing the plan, understanding their obligations, and selecting and monitoring RBC investments. 
Participants benefit from the experience of a team working with individual investor needs on a daily basis. Our educational programs are tailored to help participants understand the plan features and investment options so they can confidently accumulate and manage one of the single largest pools of wealth of their lifetime.