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Your financial advisor should be someone who keeps you focused on a well-designed investment strategy, not someone who merely sells you investment products. Investing should be done with a plan and purpose. Financial success should be measured by whether or not you are meeting the goals for which you are investing. Every person has a unique financial situation, and your financial advisor should be someone who successfully helped others in similar situations achieve their goals. You don’t want a doctor prescribing a new and completely unique treatment plan for your ailment. You want to know they have experience with your situation and have successfully treated many in the same boat.

My beliefs as a financial advisor:

  • Every investment portfolio is managed according to a well-crafted financial plan. Anything less is nothing more than speculation.
  • The only true way to mitigate risk is to diversify, but I believe that overdiversification can dilute portfolio returns.
  • Emotional behavior is one of the most contributing factors to poor portfolio returns. It is important to stick to a process of investing over time, and prevent daily noise from deviating you from your plan.
  • Sometimes telling my clients what NOT to do is just as important as telling them what to do.
  • Make your financial advisor the central person in your financial life, so they can provide solutions for risk management, investment management, financial planning, estate planning services, tax considerations and retirement planning.

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Global Insight Monthly:

Worlds apart: Risks and opportunities as deglobalization looms

With trade relations more fragmented and the potential for a great power rivalry between the U.S. and China, investors need to be ready for a new paradigm.

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