Our investment process

The Central Wyoming Wealth Management Group is a process oriented team. We believe that at its core, portfolio management is a process. Due diligence, research, interviews, and analytics all are useful tools but are only beneficial if they function as part of a robust process.

Joe holds the designation of Certified Investment Management Analyst® and he is the head of investment analysis for the team. Long-term analytics of money managers can be helpful for consideration, but past performance does not predict future results. When Joe and Blaine evaluate an investment manager they seek to understand the manager’s investment process. The team gives preference to management teams with rigid principles and precisely defined terms. We do this because rigid principles help prevent stylistic creep. Every money manager in the team model is there for a specific reason and oversight is crucial to ensure that clients are getting the right portfolio to help achieve their goals.

Below is a high-level overview of the investment process:

  • RBC screens money managers and allows high quality funds on the RBC platform
  • We have a select list of managers used for specific strategies
  • Portfolios are constructed for clients based on goals established in their WealthPlan
  • Portfolios are periodically adjusted on a discretionary basis
  • Joe and Blaine conduct strategy meetings with clients to make sure the team is up-to-date on our clients' goals and that the right portfolio is in place to achieve those goals

We understand that a client’s most precious resource is time. There is a lot of work that happens behind the scenes so that we can help clients make informed decisions about how they spend their time. We take pride in knowing that our efforts help people make good decisions for themselves and their families.

Your next step

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