Our investment philosophy


  • Trust – We are dedicated to developing a financial relationship based on trust. Our philosophy is that trust is based on honesty, integrity, and confidence in our level of skill and expertise. This high level of trust helps our clients know that we make every effort to provide the level of service they desire and deserve.
  • Investment Strategy – The individual client portfolios we build are designed to help give peace of mind and minimize financial worry. While no investor can eliminate losses, prudent asset allocation and significant diversification can allow us to limit exposure to volatility. This, in turn, allows our clients to focus on the important aspects of their complex and busy personal lives.
  • Cost We believe in fully disclosing our costs for the financial counseling we provide. Our cost for advice is asset based. With this type of arrangement there are no commissions charged for buying or selling any investment. This enables us to build a client portfolio from a plethora of investment options that are suitable for their unique needs and objectives.