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My approach

  • Proactivity - presenting opportunities before the need arises
  • Integrity - always doing what is right and in your best interests

The wealth planning approach I take with my clients begins with due diligence on my part to fully understand the entirety of a client’s financial situation. I implement a seven step process, outlined below. While investments are a key piece of how I help clients accumulate and preserve wealth, it is equally important to take a holistic approach through tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and risk management. Being a steward of a client’s hard earned wealth and assets means I take a tailored approach with each client.

How I serve you

I proudly help my clients—YOU—clearly define your financial goals at all stages of life and create a financial road map to meet those goals. The financial success of you and your family is my priority on a daily basis through financial planning. By highlighting your goals, we can take a tailored approach specific to your needs, while focusing on your success. I will always put your best interests ahead of my own.

I come from a family of business owners. Because my wife owns a medical practice, I feel I bring a unique perspective to the table when working with small business owners and those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Whether you are looking to grow your career or business, or are in the phase of life to transition into retirement, I am here to provide timely and relevant guidance every step of the way.

Seven step process

1) I start by listening to better understand you and your financial circumstances

2) We identify and select your goals - utilizing strategic and time tested methods. Using the best technology in the industry I match your current situation with a strategy that will help achieve your goals

3) Analyze your current course of action and potential alternative courses of action - these are specific to you and your needs

4) Develop financial planning recommendation(s) designed to maximize the potential for meeting your goals -  this is accomplished by creating a Wealth Plan for you and I will consult with our client strategies team when necessary

5) Present you with the recommendations which are custom and tailored to your unique situation

6) Implement the planning recommendations - I take action based upon your desire to proceed with the recommendations presented

7) Providing professional service and resources - I help you review your financial picture in light of changing circumstances both personal and market-driven

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