Wealth management approach

  • My focus is to help people develop reasonable, achievable financial and estate goals and guide them with easily understood strategies to achieve these goals.
  • My primary approach is to educate and consult with individuals to develop and refine their personal definition of risk.
  • The client and I then use that personal definition to help develop investment and estate strategies.
  • After the strategy is developed, (typically using core asset allocation management) the strategy is regularly reviewed.
  • The client and I then periodically adjust the strategy to reflect the client’s view of current and projected economic conditions.

RBC Wealth Management does not provide tax or legal advice. All decisions regarding the tax or legal implications of your investments should be made in connection with your independent tax or legal advisor.

Wealth management professionals

Client Strategies Team

The Client Strategies Team is a resource to help support you in your wealth planning goals, developing a strong understanding of your personal financial objectives, gathering valuable information and addressing complex financial and wealth strategies issues. Explore the bios below to learn more about the team.

Aleksandra Adamczyk

Credit Solutions Consultant

Mike Berens

Wealth Management Consultant

Cathy Walker

Trust Consultant

Gerri Shea

Wealth Management Consultant

Brian Tavano

Wealth Management Consultant