My approach to wealth management

I believe that the highest valued services that I provide to my clients are holistic financial planning and ongoing behavioral investment advice that leads us away from the short-term herd mentality that plagues the industry.

In my view, the herd of investors places a high importance on trying to outsmart the stock market, they are performance driven over short time frames, and all too often let their irrational human emotions dictate their long-term performance and life goals.

I view leaving this herd mentality as the most important step that one can take to ensure that their retirement is built on a foundation of financial freedom and independence.

Holistic financial planning

Financial planning works best in the context of a partnership that strengthens and evolves over time. Every plan starts with you and your most cherished life goals. Financial planning is not viewed upon as a one-time event or updated from time-to-time on your financial journey. When a successful financial plan is in place, with a focus on your goals, and is continually updated as life events occur, it allows my clients to shift their attention away from money and back towards life and what brings them joy.

Behavioral financial coaching

Once the plan is in place, my paramount function is as a behavioral coach. The nature of successful investing is the practice of rationality under uncertainty. I'll never have all the information we want in terms of what’s about to happen, because we invest in an unknowable future. Therefore, I practice the principals of long-term investing that have consistently yielded favorable long-term results over time.

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