Our wealth management process:

We believe all successful long-term investing is goal-oriented and process driven.

Our wealth management process begins before we make a single investment recommendation. We start by developing a thorough understanding of what you value most, and draw on our analytical skills and experience to craft strategies focused on your goals. Once we develop your strategy and coordinate implementation, we follow a rigorous process of review and refinement. Our process can be summarized in the following steps:

  1. Assessment and Review

Every client relationship begins with a dialogue about your values, concerns, background, and priorities. Only through an understanding of what motivates and drives you can we make thoughtful recommendations, and put strategies in place to achieve your objectives.

  1. Analysis and Planning

One of the most important ingredients in the wealth advisory relationship is the plan that serves as its basis. Investment management, in and of itself, is not the solution; rather, it is a means to meet the goals of a carefully developed plan. Clients who utilize our services to their fullest extent work with us to craft wealth plans and thoughtful estate strategies that reflect their particular financial situation.

  1. Implementation and Execution

Implementing the investment plan is the third step in our process. Our team performs rigorous research and due diligence on each manager and investment we consider. By utilizing RBC’s open platform of investment solutions, we can deploy a broad range of investments, not limited to particular products, securities, or asset management approaches.

  1. Review

Reviewing clients’ investment portfolios is critical to seeing the effectiveness of our approach. After re-visiting and discussing your goals, we consider your progress by reviewing an updated version of your plan. We then share portfolio updates, discuss performance, and determine whether adjustments are necessary to respond to changes in capital markets, or to your evolving financial circumstances.

By integrating this process with the resources and financial strength of RBC Capital Markets, we leverage the breadth of capabilities that come from one of the world’s strongest and most highly-rated global financial institutions, and combine it with a boutique approach that caters to the individual.

Should you have questions about our process or wish to explore our approach in greater depth, please contact us