My wealth management approach

I work closely with you to offer a set of personalized solutions designed to help realize your wealth management objectives. My approach is customized and tailored to your unique situation.

Understand your plans for the important questions of life — I begin by asking about your plans for the important questions of life, i.e. will your current investments enable you to look forward to a long retirement without compromise in lifestyle, what kind of a financial impact can and do you want to have on your children, grandchildren and others who are important to you, what happens should you or your spouse die unexpectedly and what kind of meaningful legacies would you like to leave to your family and the institutions that have had an important impact on your lives.

Consider the impact of income and estate taxes as well as the opportunity to use trusts as a vehicle for planning — I use a customized approach to your situation, considering the financial and personal information you provide. I consider changes in income and estate tax laws, to see how they may help you accomplish your goals. I work in cooperation with your attorney, CPA and other advisors, taking care to make sure they are involved with plans and strategies because RBC Wealth Management does not provide tax or legal advice.

Recommend and implement portfolio management strategies — Upon completing our review, I bring a process and a discipline to managing your investments that helps avoid making big mistakes over time. I work with you to establish an investment policy statement and select professional money managers to implement the policy.

Simplify your financial life — Through regular meetings, concise reports and RBC Wealth Management’s online resource for client account information, I work with you over time to see that the process and the discipline continues and that the plans are carried out.

Provide advice on risk management, philanthropy and other services — I work with you and your other professional advisors to provide estate planning services and risk management strategies for protecting your wealth and leaving a legacy that you desire.

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