Serving with loyalty and professionalism

Investment philosophy

Managing wealth is a dynamic and continuous process requiring great skill and client loyalty. Providing you with the highest degree of professional and ethical care is the cornerstone of my investment philosophy. I will assist you by analyzing your specific objectives, quantifying risk tolerances and implementing appropriate strategies.

Together we then incorporate capital markets expectations producing a personal plan that optimizes the allocation of your asset mix between safer and riskier investments. Periodic adjustments are made reflecting changes in your needs or market conditions.

Investment approach

I listen and work hard to develop a comprehensive understanding of your financial needs and goals.

This holistic approach involves quantifying return requirements (current income vs. long-term growth, nominal vs. real returns), determining acceptable volatility and confirming the relevant time horizon(s).

Additionally, I review your liquidity needs, legal constraints and unique circumstances on a regular basis through on-going communication outreach.

"It is my endeavor to be both a uniquely qualified investment manager as well as a holistic financial counselor serving clients with the utmost loyalty and professionalism."


Security selection

Equities are selected based on favorable history and outlook, reasonable valuations, and responsible management. Correlations are also assessed between individual stocks to help achieve effective diversification between industry sectors.

I also invest in diversified asset classes through the use of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and select mutual funds.

Fixed-income investments in my portfolios generally consist of investment-grade bonds, such as government, corporate and municipal bonds that are "laddered" to help ensure stability along with a consistent stream of maturities.


Income planning in retirement may be one of the most important — and most stressful — financial issues people face. Not only do they need to think about what they want for their future, it forces them to ask, "will I have enough?" That’s why, as investors and Financial Advisors plan for retirement, they often want to use numbers generated by forecasting models to help quantify investment decisions.


Introducing RBC Total Wealth

RBC Total Wealth is a way to view your complete financial picture. See your RBC accounts—along with your accounts at other financial institutions—–in one convenient place. Access Total Wealth by selecting Sign in above to log into your accounts and then choose Add External Accounts. It’s a simple and secure way to keep your financial life connected to your everyday life.

David H. Betts, Jr., CFA

Vice President - Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager - Portfolio Focus


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