Working together

I work with a limited number of families

Due to the in-depth relationships that must be developed to effectively understand and advise, I work with a limited number of clients. My clients generally have between $500,000 and $10,000,000 that they wish to commit to a long-term investment plan. 

I believe in the integration of wealth planning and investment management

Appropriate investment management can only occur after having a complete understanding of our clients’ entire family, personal, and financial situations. This understanding often comes from asking the questions that I feel are pertinent to develop an overall financial picture for our clients. This financial picture is then utilized to guide me in my investment recommendations. A sample list of questions can be found in the "Making It Personal" tab below this one.

My compensation is structured on a fee-based management arrangement

 Your fee is charged as a percentage of the assets that we manage for you. It covers portfolio management, trading, research, reporting, and, (most importantly) the ongoing counsel and access to our team of professionals for advice on anything pertaining to your financial success. The list of other client services below are also included. We do not charge commissions on trades. This arrangement ensures that the recommendations I make are for your best interest and not done merely to generate commissions. We make more money only if you make more money. 

Other client services include:

  • Customized written Wealth Plan with flexibility to be updated as needed
  • Insurance policy review and analysis
  • Asset-backed lending services
  • Retirement income projection and analysis
  • Anything else that is related to your financial success and well being

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