My compensation is structured on a fee-based management arrangement
My belief is that such an arrangement provides clients with a clear understanding of how we are compensated for our services. This type of arrangement also ensures that you can have confidence that the recommendations I make are for your best interest and not done merely to generate commissions.
I work with a limited number of families
Due to the in-depth relationships that must be developed to effectively understand and advise, I work with a limited number of clients.
I take a non-biased, non-proprietary approach to our investment recommendations
Our firm employs its own Advisory Research Department which is charged with identifying what they feel are the best investment managers in numerous categories. They work from a vast menu of private money managers and mutual funds that are completely independent from RBC Wealth Management and they base their recommendations on independent and objective findings.
I believe in the integration of wealth planning and investment management
Appropriate investment management can only occur after having a complete understanding of our clients’ entire family, personal, and financial situations. This understanding often comes from asking the questions that I feel are pertinent to develop an overall financial picture for our clients. This financial picture is then utilized to guide me in my investment recommendations.

  • Review and analysis of current estate documents, including wills, trusts, power-of-attorney, etc.
  • Insurance policy review and analysis
  • Retirement income projection and analysis
  • Allocation overview of all client assets to identify potential issues such as sector and asset class concentrations
Professional Trustee services are offered to RBC Wealth Management (RBC Wealth Management) clients by RBC Trust Company (Delaware) Limited (RBC Trust) and Comerica Bank & Trust, N.A., who serve as trustee. RBC Wealth Management and RBC Trust are subsidiaries of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) which operates under the brand name of RBC Financial Group. RBC Wealth Management and RBC Trust operate as separate affiliated entities and are wholly owned subsidiaries of Royal Bank of Canada. RBC Wealth Management will receive compensation in connection with offering these services. Neither RBC Wealth Management nor its Financial Advisors are able to serve as trustee. RBC Wealth Management does not provide tax or legal advice. All decisions regarding the tax or legal implications of your investments should be made in connection with your independent tax or legal advisor.