Our primary focus is to provide exceptional service through a proactive model that helps our clients grow, manage, and protect their assets. Specifically, we help clients understand and articulate their financial goals through a detailed five-step wealth management process.

Understanding your financial objectives

We have detailed conversations to thoroughly understand and define your financial objectives.

Gathering your current financial information

Together, we create a complete inventory of assets and liabilities for your overall financial picture.

Unbiased review of all assets and liabilities

I provide you with a fact-based, unbiased analysis of each statement explaining the type of account, risk level and fees. Then, we enter all of your holdings into our state-of-the art systems to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your combined assets. Finally, we compare your existing strategies to determine if they are appropriate for your specific goals.

Implementing thoughtful and creative solutions

Based on your current investments and your specific goals, we implement customized investment strategies that put you on the best path to achieve your goals.

Providing timely, ongoing service

I regularly review your situation to help ensure your financial objectives are being met. As your life and financial markets change, we adjust the strategy accordingly.