Helping guide business owners and entrepreneurs through the lifecycle of their business and beyond

With years of private business and wealth management experience, I provide individuals and business owners with a path to financial clarity, security and protection. I help my clients plan for success with business growth and transition, as well as personal family, legacy and wealth transfer goals.

Business owners

I understand the complexities facing business owners throughout the business lifecycle: formation and growth, business transition, and post business life, income and legacy. I help formulate a plan and bring you the right resources at the right time.

Private wealth

Wealth accumulation, protection and transference to your heirs are important financial issues highly successful people like you face. Every solution I offer is directed toward helping preserve and enhance your wealth.

Protect what's important to you and maximize your transition

Your needs for financial protection are an ever-changing story. Now is a great opportunity to discuss your wealth planning strategy for your company, your transition and future generations. Contact me today to set up a meeting to discuss clarity, security and protection for your finances.

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February 6, 2023 - RBC Wealth Management

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Trend & cycle roadmap

February 7, 2023 - RBC Wealth Management

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March 18, 2021 - RBC Wealth Management

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Latest Insights

Kelly Bogdanova and Tylar Lunke

Audio commentary: Knock-on effects from SVB’s collapse

Following the downfall of Silicon Valley Bank, a large Swiss financial institution has nearly failed, adding to stress in the financial system.

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