Mission statement

I seek to improve the lives of my clients by providing exceptional client service, innovative financial planning, and evidence-based investment portfolios.


Approach to Wealth Management

My approach to investing is centered around intelligent, low-cost, strategic asset allocation. My rules-based rebalancing program, and disciplined investment approach has helped to be both additive to returns and a reliable method of managing risk. 

We offer both brokerage and fee-based fiduciary accounts but prefer to act in a fee-only fiduciary capacity.


Investment Philosophy 

I provide customized investment portfolios tailored to your specific risk tolerance, time horizon and objectives. Our individual portfolios are built based on five investment principles:

Diversification — A well-diversified portfolio can help protect you from the extreme highs and lows of market volatility.

Asset allocation — Asset allocation is the weighting of specific asset classes within a portfolio. One of our goals is to provide you with the greatest return possible given the level of investment risk. Active asset allocation helps us achieve this goal.

Rebalancing — Regular account rebalancing of a portfolio is both a risk control and return optimization strategy. Rebalancing allows us to continually "buy low and sell high" while avoiding an excess over- allocation to any one asset class.

Market timing — I do not believe in market timing. The longer you are invested, the more time there is for your investment returns to compound. Time also enables you to take advantage of long-term historical market returns to effectively grow your portfolio over the long run.

Expense — I strive to ensure our fees are fair and accurately reflect the value we provide. The annual fee for our services is based on account value.

Bulletin Board

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Typical Client

My clients range from successful young professionals to ultra-high-net-worth households. My typical client leads an active and busy lifestyle and relies on us to help them invest and manage portfolios. Our clients expect us to deliver exceptional service and coordinate with their other advisors such as CPA’s, attorneys, and/or trust administrators.

I have no minimum account size.