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The Brian Kroneberger Financial Hour - November 17, 2018

On the most recent broadcast of The Brian Kroneberger Financial Hour, Brian gives a brief update on the markets and discusses Retirement Income Planning.  Retirement Income Planning is a process to help create your retirement income that anticipates deviations from the, "averages", helps build assurances for income and expects adjustments will be made along the way.  Brian reviews the major components of retirement income planning in regard to addressing risks and retirement choices.  Brian also talks through the steps involved in a plan, including analyzing retirement needs, building a foundation, establishing a withdrawal strategy, implementing solutions and monitoring your progress.  Finally, as we move through the final weeks of 2018, please review the RBC WM Year-End Checklist for list of investment & income tax strategies, retirement planning opportunities, gifting strategies and steps to wrap up 2018.


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