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The Brian Kroneberger Financial Hour - November 9, 2019 -

On the most recent broadcast of The Brian Kroneberger Financial Hour, Brian gives a brief update on the markets and discusses the potential implications of impeachment.  Market performance during past presidential scandals suggests that economic fundamentals will likely outweigh political drama.  But when it comes to the potential impact on the U.S. economy and stock market, there are only two modern-era comparisons: the Clinton impeachment inquiry and the Nixon Watergate scandal.  In both cases, other outside factors weighed more heavily on the market.  The big unknown about a possible Trump impeachment and trial is how developments will be magnified by a torrent of internet media coverage and social media discourse, as well as how the process might affect the 2020 election.  Impeachment & Investments: Will Political Turbulence Roll the Equity Market?


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