Markets change over time and likely so will an individual's life and financial goals. Wealth management plans must be reviewed regularly and adjusted as personal needs and circumstances change. An essential part of my service commitment to my clients is a repeatable three-step process for maintaining alignment between their objectives and their wealth management plan:
  • Regular contact to stay abreast of changes to my clients needs and objectives
  • Monitoring the performance and effectiveness of their existing wealth management plan
  • Suggesting appropriate changes to keep the plan in proper alignment and on-track

I believe that diversification is not only essential to helping mitigate portfolio risk but also to achieving substantial wealth accumulation and protection over the long term. An effective holistic wealth management plan is not only diverse in the assets it employs to potentially grow a client's wealth but may also need to be diverse in strategy to protect and transfer that wealth as appropriate.

To support a comprehensive wealth management approach, RBC Wealth Management provides a deep bench of financial professionals with unique areas of expertise that I may enlist to work with clients. High Net Worth Wealth Strategies, Trust Services, Insurance, and Retirement Plan Services are examples of additional solution areas available to my clients through RBC Wealth Management.

As a financial advisor, I am committed to providing objective financial guidance based solely on my client's unique needs and financial goals. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your needs and assess how I might be of service to you.