Investment outlook

  • I believe that we are in a period of financial market and “global event” volatility.  One of the greatest bull markets in American history started in 1982 and ended with the bursting of the technology bubble in 2000.  Since that time, stock markets have had to struggle with some of the most significant domestic and global economic challenges in the past century. The global equity markets remain in a weakened, vulnerable, and volatile state. That being said, the benefits of being a long term equity investor still remain in place.

Investment strategy

  • Core Satellite – I recommend a strategic buy and hold asset allocation strategy that is a broadly diversified portfolio of stocks or equity exchange-traded funds (ETFs), bonds or fixed income exchange traded funds, cash, and alternative investment funds. In addition, I will closely monitor market and economic events to identify possible short-term investment opportunities. I will add tactical positions to 5-15% of the overall portfolio to help take advantage of the upside, yet still give us some protection on the downside.

Investment discipline

  • My investment discipline is to help protect your portfolio first with the goal that any loss is not a life-changing event. Next I use investment vehicles that may mature to match future liabilities and produce a dependable income stream to cover your current cash flow needs if necessary. Then I look to generate enough growth in your portfolio to compensate for inflation and meet your long-term financial and life goals.

Investment management

  • I use a combination of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds (or money managers) when I believe that those managers can add return above their benchmarks.  When making short-term investment decisions, I use ETFs, which tend to have lower expenses (no short-term redemption fees and lower expense ratios) and are more tax efficient.  I manage accounts through RBC Wealth Management’s Portfolio Focus program, which is a personalized portfolio management program for which only a select group of RBC Wealth Management’s Financial Advisors qualify. Through the Portfolio Focus program, I can make investment decisions on your behalf, which allows you to simplify your life by freeing up your time. In constructing my clients’ portfolios, I evaluate client goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, tax situation and many other factors to determine the most appropriate final structure for their portfolio.