Our commitment to your financial well-being

While the financial system and the rules governing it continue to evolve in the receding wake of the economic crisis, one fundamental concept remains steadfast: responsible stewardship of client assets should be the bedrock upon which the wealth management industry is based. How an advisor is compensated should have no impact on the quality and appropriateness of the guidance that is provided. But since an advisor can be compensated in more than one way, confusion can exist.

In an attempt to provide more clarity, we would like to point out that dually registered investment professionals are governed by two different regulatory agencies which allows them to conduct either commission or advisory business. Based on your unique needs and your individual risk tolerance, as well as the specific products you purchase or strategies you employ, either option can be used. For instance, sometimes it may be in your best interest to receive commission-based brokerage services. Examples are cash management strategies, insurance products, philanthropic investment vehicles, etc. Other times, a fee-based relationship may be a good approach for you, such as strategies involving more active management, rebalancing, ongoing consulting, etc. Regardless of which option is used, your advisor should always put your best interests first and foremost in any decision that is made.

Our decision to deliver both service models is about giving you greater flexibility in how we work together and how you compensate us. Regardless of which set of rules are involved, you never need to wonder about one thing. We always strive to put your interests first. That’s because our commitment to your financial well-being is a matter of personal values and integrity, not legislated or enforced by regulation.

We hope you understand that careful stewardship of the wealth you have entrusted to us is an honor and a responsibility we take very seriously. And we view every day as an opportunity to earn your continued trust.