Who we are

We believe that we are a unique team and that the services we provide are unlike any other financial group in the industry. Furthermore, we feel the size and stature of our team creates a highly collaborative environment as the individuals on our team all have different backgrounds, education, and experience that help cater to your specific needs. We have built relationships with money managers and financial professionals that give us access to strategies that could potentially fit your financial needs.

Our wealth management solutions are customized for each client’s needs. Any solution we propose to you will be completely unique to your own personal situation. As a new prospective client, one of our first goals is to learn and understand as much about you and your personal objectives as possible. 

One of the things we take personal pride in is our commitment to conducting due diligence. We personally commit a significant amount of time vetting money managers and other professionals to ensure that they meet the high standards we expect for our clients. Through this process we are able to feel confident in strategies that we implement for you and that we have managers who we believe are among the highest quality working on your behalf.

To further our commitment to our clients, several members of our team have attended training from 3ethos®, based on a new body of research called LeaderMetrics®. LeaderMetrics® is a framework that fully integrates leadership, stewardship, fiduciary standard and governance. The coursework and exam are used to evaluate the effectiveness of a decision-maker who is serving in a critical leadership role. This education is important to us and enhances our abilities to make the right decisions for our clients.

Why this is important to you

Having a team of skilled individuals that fill specific functions on the team helps provide you the assurance that your entire financial picture is being reviewed and monitored. Likewise, our due diligence process, as described above, should give you the confidence that the management of your money is being performed only by individuals who will keep your best interests first and foremost.