Your wealth management team

The Foundation Wealth Group is composed of five advisors and senior client associates, all of whom have worked together at RBC Wealth Management for 10 years. That 50-year period is merely a start. Add another 50 years in combined service in the industry, investment and commercial banking, and The Foundation Wealth Group provides clients an unrivaled worldview to address investment and planning needs in a changing world.

We are committed to the community in which we live, giving our time and financial resources to the needs of children, the advancement of education on all levels and the arts in its various forms. As parents, we each seek, whenever possible, to combine these activities that meet the needs of children, education and the arts.

Investment philosophy

The investment philosophy of The Foundation Wealth Group begins and ends with our primary purpose — the financial well-being of our clients. We have a long-term perspective; we believe in growth as a vehicle for financial success; we are patient and disciplined and we are highly-focused. We believe that owners outperform lenders giving us a strong equity bias. We believe in owning fewer, rather than multiple, assets as a means of outperformance. We believe that our rewards should parallel those of our clients and that our cost structure should favor our clients — not ourselves.

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