Value statement

We strive to deliver peace of mind through financial security. We lead a highly experienced team specializing in helping individuals and their families in retirement issues and tax planning issues. Our team will work with you to develop strategies and recommend personalized solutions designed to help you accumulate, protect, and transfer wealth.

Investment philosophy

Our strategy seeks current income and an attractive total return, as well as protection from turbulent financial markets. Capital protection and income are primary objectives. Along the way we should pick up some appreciation from being opportunistic and natural appreciation from our high-quality and well-researched investments and our asset allocation models. Our goal is risk reduction while maximizing returns.

Investment discipline

In constructing client's portfolios, we evaluate a client's goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, tax situation and many other factors to determine the most appropriate structure for their portfolio. We use a strategic buy-and-hold asset allocation strategy that is a broadly diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, cash and alternative investments. In addition, we will closely monitor market and economic events to identify short-term investment. In seeking an "absolute return" it is imperative to anticipate corrections or bear markets. We don't believe in market timing, but do believe in avoiding risk.

Core values

  • Integrity - Above all else is integrity. 
  • Perspective and Experience - All client recommendations are made in a real world context. 
  • Adaptability - Successful long-term investing requires adapting to today’s rapidly changing environments. 
  • Service Our clients expect and deserve exceptional service at all times. 
  • Value - Our clients should expect to receive more for their money than they can get elsewhere. We deliver value by developing and implementing strategies that help maximize the creation and preservation of intergenerational wealth for clients.