The Gall Hale Team

Professional Investment Advisory Services, Wealth Management Planning, and Tactical Asset Management for total portfolio guidance

The Gall Hale Team is uniquely positioned to integrate all investment considerations into a focused, individualized harmonic approach. The Team's strong relationships within RBC Wealth Management, the financial community and the business community at large, provide clients with a superior wealth management experience.  This is further enhanced by specialists who work together to create, implement and monitor a customized map of your personal financial environment. Throughout your financial lifecycle, you may consider:

  • Will I have enough assets to retire?
  • How will I weather the markets?
  • How can I minimize taxes?
  • Will my family be financially sound if something happens to me?

The Gall Hale Team embraces the wealth management process, focusing on a comprehensive approach including wealth accumulation, asset protection and wealth distribution. 

We believe each client is unique.  We listen carefully to gain insight into each client's personal and financial landscape, and to identify their unique needs. A thorough understanding serves as the foundation for a highly personalized financial strategy.

The Gall Hale Team believes proper diversification of assets leads to maximum returns within the constraints of an individual’s tolerance for risk. Our objective is to allocate among major asset classes of equity, fixed income, and cash. In our relationships with clients, we treat such decisions seriously and monitor them carefully. 

Our clients can choose the option of active account management.  This allows our team to assemble up to the minute market data, the latest headlines and facts to make critical decisions in a timely manner. Our disciplined approach is what differentiates us. 

Drawing from a wide selection of investment strategies and opportunities, we develop tailored solutions. The Gall Hale Team capitalizes on investment vehicles wherever they may exist.

While RBC Wealth Management has significant resources to benefit our clientele, we maintain strong working associations across a diverse and sophisticated global network. We provide open, unbiased counsel that is free of multiple selling and trading event fees. 

Most importantly, we provide timely, ongoing service, and evaluation of each client's overall financial framework to ensure that as financial situations and markets change, and life changes occur, financial objectives are consistently met. 

Our staff, assets and backup resources further our ability to anticipate and address an array of client requests to deliver superior customer service.


We know and understand the high net worth investor with a combined over 60 years of experience.  The Gall Hale Team takes a “clients first” approach---doing what is right for our clients has allowed us to enjoy a successful referral-driven practice. Our extensive market experience gives us significant expertise in helping our clients navigate the investment waters. We leverage the talents of seasoned industry professionals who deliver valuable expertise and advanced solutions based on each client's specific goals. The integrated team approach ensures optimal wealth preservation and growth. Our clients know - trust and integrity are at the core of our business.