Wealth management approach

We take the necessary time to acquire a clear understanding of each client’s unique situation, anticipated future, family dynamics and emotions related to wealth management.  We employ a long-term planning oriented approach and commit to coordinating with our clients’ other professional advisors to ensure that we uncover and eliminate potential financial blind spots.

We construct portfolios that incorporate both strategic and tactical asset allocation reflective of clients’ goals, objectives, and concerns.  Our dynamic approach includes a core position of strategic investments that are often long-term buy and hold securities.  The approach also includes a satellite position consisting of shorter-term tactical opportunities that add value to the overall risk-reward profile.  We invest the necessary time to educate and guide our clients regarding what they own and why they own it.

We construct portfolios incorporating best-in-class investment managers that collectively offer attractive opportunities for upside potential and downside protection.  We also seek a structure that provides flexibility such that the replacement of a manager when necessary does not disrupt the overall efficiency of the portfolio.

Regardless of economic or market conditions, our commitment to earning and preserving our clients’ trust remains as steadfast as our dedication to helping them achieve their financial goals.