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My practice has one goal: to preserve and enhance capital in light of each investor’s needs and circumstances. I do this by formulating and executing customized investment plans working with my clients’ total identified assets in order to help meet their long-term goals. I am respectful and conscious of each client’s risk tolerance and time parameters. By creating the appropriate allocation of financial assets, diversified and structured to suit each client’s particular situation, I allow time and compounding to produce return and intended results, not timing or outguessing the market. Success is measured by the achievement of goals and objectives. Starting with the initial investment strategy meeting, I work closely and continuously with each client and with the client’s legal and tax advisors as appropriate. I strongly believe open communication is critical to the success of any investment program. Each client is invited to participate fully in setting objectives, implementing specific investments. I take pride in our ability to build long-term relationships and when appropriate, to develop working partnerships with our clients’ other key business and personal advisor.

During periods of market turmoil and economic uncertainty, I understand that you may have concerns about the fitness and reliability of the financial services firms that are helping manage your wealth. I am partnered with the extensive resources of RBC Wealth Management, a world-class leader in financial services, to coordinate and tailor your financial needs. Together we can offer the expertise of many professionals who provide specialized technical and analytical support as required. The rich history of RBC Wealth Management, dating back to 1909, is comprised of many venerable, proud firms that joined forces in pursuit of one common purpose: to help our clients achieve their financial goals. Through our association with the Royal Bank of Canada (TSE & NYSE: RY ) — one of North America’s largest and healthiest financial institutions, RBC Wealth Management is uniquely positioned to be a prudent choice for your investments now and when market volatility subsides and economic forecasts brighten. RBC’s senior long-term debt credit ratings are stellar, including the Aaa (stable) rating from Moody’s Investors Services, the AA- (stable) rating from Standard and Poor’s and AA (stable) ratings from Fitch and DBRS.

A U-turn for the auto sector?

It wasn’t that long ago that the auto sector was on an open road to the car of the future. But will the gauntlet of potholes left by COVID-19 cause the sector to swerve? Where is the auto sector going from here, and what does that mean for the prospects for autonomous and electric vehicles?
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