Corporate retirement plans

As financial advisors dedicated to assisting qualified retirement plan sponsors with their retirement plan related needs, we occupy a unique position in the industry to deliver cohesive services to our clients. A typical retirement plan provider has established and narrowly defined functional groups such as:

  • Sales
  • Employee enrollment meetings
  • RFP production
  • Employee education and service
  • Conversion
  • Investment consulting and monitoring teams
  • ERISA compliance
  • Quarterly retirement committee reviews

Few individuals currently working with retirement plan sponsors are well versed in all aspects of assisting plan sponsors in managing a retirement plan. Thus, the overall plan lacks continuity and a streamlined approach to reducing in-house allocation of time, energy and costs because:

  • The individual that sells the retirement plan is seldom the same individual that produces the RFP, assists the committee in the provider selection process, or assists the plan sponsor in making the conversion seamless and timely.
  • The team that provides the enrollment meeting seldom shows up each year to provide on-going education.
  • The representatives who answer the participant help line are seldom the people who have been onsite to meet the participants.
  • The group that assists with performing the investment search and selection process is rarely the group that provides the committee assistance with fulfilling their fiduciary responsibility of on-going investment monitoring. 

Ironically, this lack of cohesion hurts the very people who need the most help, namely, the participants. Individual participants rarely receive one-on-one attention. HR Directors routinely complain that the individuals who deliver enrollment and education information lack an ability to communicate information in a concise, simple manner and fail to provide practical solutions. In order to bridge this disconnect, we have dedicated the last 12 years to fine-tuning our process enabling HR Departments to:

  • Increase Plan visibility
  • Improve participant understanding
  • Expand Plan participation
  • Reduce Plan maintenance efforts
  • Raise the awareness of the value of the benefits provided by the company

The added value we bring to the Human Resources Department is an ability to provide participants with unsurpassed service at a reasonable cost. Typically, we have been able to provide these services at the current plan cost and, in some instances, at below current cost. Our team is poised to provide a high touch caliber of service that few, if any, in our industry can match.

We would appreciate the opportunity to review your current plan at no cost, no obligation, to determine whether we may provide />
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