RBC Wealth Management hosted its 3rd Annual RISE! Women’s Summit on Thursday May 2nd.

This event is focused on the advancement and support of women at all stages of their career throughout RBC Wealth Management – U.S. The goal of this summit is to strive for gender equality in financial services. Colleagues of all genders were invited to attend the Women’s Summit, and RISE!

Trish Rooney of the Gregory-Clackson Group was appointed as the Southpointe delegate for the 2024 event.

The Southpointe branch held an off-site event on Friday April 26th as a kick-off to the firm’s May 2nd event. All employees of the Southpointe branch were invited to attend. Participants enjoyed a 30-minute introduction to the Gyrokinesis Method provided by Sueann Fenchel of Harmony Pilates Studio, Shadyside. They also enjoyed appetizers, beverages, and a fun “RISE” word search challenge. The winner won the “Power of Moments” book.

An important initiative of this event is to pick a meaningful non-profit organization supporting women and to collect on behalf of that organization.

Trish chose Breast Cancer Awareness in honor of cancer survivor Ginny Hoffman. Ginny is a retired Client Associate of the Southpointe office. We raised over $600 for the Susan G. Komen For The Cure in Ginny's honor.

On May 2nd the Southpointe branch enjoyed a watch party of the RBC Gateway events from our conference room, and a catered lunch from Chipotle sponsored by Jeff Kelly of Lord Abbett.

To make things fun, Kelly Sullivan of the Gregory-Clackson Group handed out raffle tickets for anyone contributing to our charity. We had a drawing at the end of the event, and the winner received a gift certificate for a solo Pilates lesson provided by Sueann Fenchel at her Shadyside studio.

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