The Pilot Approach

Although our practice is primarily divided into two groups, a common thread serves as the foundation for every relationship- client education. We strongly believe in teaching clients along the way, enlightening them about certain strategies and products, and coaching them on how to make well informed decisions. As challenges lie ahead, we take pride in navigating our clients through financial turbulence.

Most of our clients are retirees or baby boomers nearing retirement. Just like you, they have worked long and hard to build up their nest eggs and look forward to spending more time with family, enjoying a new hobby, or traveling to new places. Our goal is to create sound investment plans for Our clients seeking to:

  • Have a dependable income stream throughout their retirement.
  • Transfer assets to loved ones.
  • Address health care/long term care needs.

 In today’s ever changing markets, it is not prudent to leave your financial future on autopilot. Start working with an insightful, articulate, and passionate advisor that will care about your assets more than anyone else without your last name.

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Why investors choose RBC Wealth Management

At RBC Wealth Management, we’re proud to be one of the largest full-service securities firms in the nation. There are thousands of investment firms to choose from out there, but investors pick us because we offer a comprehensive approach to wealth management and world-class investment solutions. Moreover, we have a reputation for integrity, independence and reliability that allows you peace of mind.