Strength in numbers overview

Strength is so much more than physical health, exercise, and nutrition.

Strength in Numbers is an approach to well-being that incorporates attitudes, knowledge and activities that work together to prevent stress or disease, improve overall health, and enhance your quality of life.

As a financial advisor, I have observed that too often women neglect their financial well-being. Women who are willing to invest time in yoga, Pilates and other forms of self-care, may not realize how financial stress can undermine everything else.

Our finances can influence our career choices, our ability to spend time with people we care about, whether we can afford to join a gym, how much we can spend on food or healthcare, and ultimately how we define our self-worth. Our finances are an integral part of our total well-being; yet so often they are ignored, put to the side, or handed over to someone else.

Money is a leading cause of stress, impacting our health, wealth and happiness. Financial self-care is about learning to connect with our money in a more conscious way so that our thoughts and actions begin to add to, not subtract from, our well-being. As with any other area in our lives, wellness is the result of awareness and the practice of making healthy choices.

Our goal is to help you create a healthy practice of financial wellness by replacing limiting beliefs and bad habits with positive ones to begin or enhance your journey toward total wellness.

Through knowledge, support, and advocacy, our hope is that women in our network are inspired to achieve balance in their financial, physical and emotional lives.


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The six pillars of strength

Discover your purpose. Purpose means being present and fully involved in all aspects of living. It also means taking steps toward what you want to accomplish and removing anything that does not serve your purpose.

Demystify your finances. By asking good questions and avoiding the common mistakes, you can understand and take advantage of the most important drivers of long-term financial success.

Protect your health. The extent to which you make protecting your health a top priority is unquestionably one of the most important financial – yes, financial – investments you can make during your lifetime.

Put your oxygen mask on first. You cannot be the superwoman you’d like to be, without engaging in moments of self-renewal, taking time to recharge your battery.

Seek contentment over perfection. It is easy to go from hero to zero in our role as family caregiver. Support and honesty from each other enable us to counteract the illusions of perfection on social media, so we can be content in what’s right for us.

Design your own career path. There are no right or wrong answers in our decision to work or not to work, nor is it easy to navigate the professional world as a woman. We benefit from actively seeking insight from our sisters, strengthening our confidence and owning the decisions we make at the right time and for the right reasons.