The Savvy Investor’s Credit Workbook

How You Can Use Credit to Improve Your Financial Well-Being 

Today, many investors are discovering that credit can be a practical part of a comprehensive wealth management approach. According to the World Wealth Report 2015, produced by Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management, nearly 20% of high net worth investors surveyed use credit.

These savvy investors understand that borrowing against eligible securities in their portfolios can be an innovative way to gain quick and easy access to cash for a broad range of important purposes—all without selling securities or interrupting their long-term goals.

Take a fresh look at credit by using The Savvy Investor’s Credit Workbook to:

 •  evaluate your credit needs;

 •  calculate how much credit is “healthy” for you;

 •  and learn ways to use securities-based lending solutions strategically.

Download your complimentary copy today and contact us to discuss how credit may fit in with your overall financial goals.