Wealth management approach

We believe in a comprehensive approach to wealth management. By partnering with your trusted advisors, as well as other team members both internally at RBC and externally, we can help improve your business planning, estate planning, business transition and investment needs. The structure of our group brings continuity to generational planning and allows for a collaborative effort to address all your needs — meaning you can focus on your business and have your trusted advisors work together for your benefit.

Investment philosophy

Our group leverages the resources of North America's sixth largest bank, the Royal Bank of Canada, as well as City National Bank, to implement strategies that match clients’ needs to customized investment solutions. We believe no two clients are the same, so we focus on custom portfolios to meet a diverse client base, varying from insurance companies to high-net -worth individuals. RBC Wealth Management offers the freedom to choose investment managers, without forcing use of proprietary products. Our group believes this benefits you because you are not constrained by investment choices. We use a fee-based approach instead of a commission-based approach. This approach allows us to be more objective and cater to the your needs in a transparent manner.

Our primary mission is to help you achieve your financial objectives by:

  • Understanding financial objectives — As a part of the initial evaluation phase, it is important to understand your specific needs, goals and risk tolerances. Through the use of the 13 Wealth Management Issues listed below, we are able to understand the challenges you and your business face. By understanding these challenges, we can formulate a plan to help you. Forming realistic investment objectives, combined with the flexibility to make mid-course adjustments can, in the long run, assist you in meeting your goals and objectives.

13 Wealth Management Issues

  • Current investments
  • Current insurance
  • Current liabilities & liquidity needs
  • Qualified retirement plans
  • Stock options
  • Titling of assets/asset protection
  • Selection of executor/trustee&
  • Business succession planning
  • Durable power of attorney
  • Gifting to children/descendants/ others during lifetime
  • Charitable gifting during life
  • Distribution plan at death
  • Charitable inclinations at death
  • Determine a proper asset allocation — A disciplined methodology is vital in creating an effective investment policy and implementing an efficient asset allocation strategy. Through different types of risk mitigation, we can help you achieve your investment goals through a full market cycle.
  • Evaluating and selecting appropriate investments — The process of investment manager search, selection, and due diligence is the result of analyzing both qualitative and quantitative factors.
  • Monitoring and reviewing the portfolio — Portfolio reviews are designed to help you in monitoring and evaluating the portfolio versus the stated goals and objectives. This allows you to make changes midcourse to potentially improve returns over the long term.

This means that your goals and objectives are being met without taking excess risk.

Wealth management professionals

The Wealth Management Professionals serve as a resource to RBC Wealth Management® financial advisors. They develop a stronger understanding of your personal financial objectives, gather valuable information and support complex financial and wealth strategies issues for the clients of RBC Wealth Management.