We hold to four key tenets that define our operations as an advisory team:

  • Keeping costs as low as possible
  • Honoring our fiduciary commitment
  • Maintaining a firm discipline of asset allocation
  • Protecting investors on the downside

These tenets are the pillars of our practice, and we are committed to them.

Low costs: We charge a modest flat rate fee for our services. High fees eat away at your returns and can lead to overextending your risk tolerance to chase gains. By keeping our fees low, and charging a flat fee, our interests are aligned with our clients—to achieve the best possible growth of your assets in a responsible manner.

Fiduciary commitment: We believe a fiduciary relationship provides our clients the greatest security and benefit. When we assume the role of a fiduciary, we must act solely in your best interest. This means that the client’s interests must come first. Our advice and conduct must be responsible and prudent. Recommendations must be based on your specific needs. We must eliminate or disclose any and all conflicts of interest.

Asset allocation: A key to managing risk is proper portfolio diversification. We work with you to craft an individual plan taking your individual risk tolerance, needs and goals into account. Using this approach takes the emotions out of investing. We monitor your portfolios to keep them aligned with your personal asset allocation target. Our function is to alleviate the stress of the day-to-day noise of the market, so you can focus on your personal long-term goals.

Downside protection: Within our asset allocation approach, we use multiple asset classes. The well-known asset classes, such as stocks and bonds, have historically responded in different ways to varying market conditions. Diversifying across multiple asset classes in your portfolio can help moderate volatility without sacrificing potential return. Our goal is to achieve the highest expected return while remaining consistent with your individual risk tolerance.

Our team has a wealth of experience in the fixed income market. This knowledge enables us to generate a consistent stream of income for you in a tax-efficient manner. We are best suited to work with investors who value trust, security and stability.