How we manage your advisory assets

We mainly utilize the RBC Wealth Management Portfolio Focus Program to help manage your assets.  It is a discretionary account, managed in accordance with both your risk profile and program guidelines. Our annual compensation is a percentage, in the range of 1.5% down to 0.6%, of the household assets that we manage for you.

Kevin Williams is the lead Senior Portfolio Manager - Portfolio Focus, supported by RBC Capital Markets research analysts, RBCWM Portfolio Advisory team members, and other third party research as provided by the firm.

We prefer owning individual securities rather than funds because expenses are lower, transparency better, tax considerate strategies easier to execute, and portfolio composition more controllable.  The assets are diversified both by industry sectors and companies, and typically an initial position is in the range of 2-5% of the total portfolio.

We generally follow two basic strategies: the first, a growth and income strategy, invests primarily in dividend paying stocks, bonds and other fixed income, while the second strategy pursues more growth by allocating more investments to equities that have higher growth rates.  The majority of the companies we own are high quality, well known firms.

We are value investors, following fundamental analysis which leads us to owning companies whose valuations are generally less than either the general market or its particular industry; many times these companies are out of favor and therefore potentially offer a good entry point.

We may sell a company if it becomes too expensive on an absolute or relative basis, a negative event emerges, or our thesis for purchasing was wrong. We also may sell a security for a higher potential return opportunity or we may sell to realize a loss for tax purposes.

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