What's the best way to help our clients achieve their financial objectives?

That question lies behind everything we do at The Jacobson Denniston Group. And here's the answer: We can best help our clients through professional and total wealth management. That means we help you prioritize your financial goals and identify strategies to accumulate, protect, convert and transfer your wealth.

To enact our professional wealth management approach, we rely on the following investment process:

  • We'll help you articulate your goals. To understand your financial objectives, we will ask questions - and we’ll listen to the answers.
  • We'll gather the key information. We will collect the specific information on your financial picture: your net worth, investments and other assets, your debts and other commitments, and any other data pertaining to your situation—estate plans, business-transfer plans, etc. To become even more familiar with your needs, we may also ask you to fill out a detailed questionnaire that covers your goals, risk tolerance, investment preferences, time horizon and other factors.
  • We'll develop winning strategies. We will analyze your financial and personal information to match your objectives with proven investment strategies, based on your individual situation and preferences, to guide us in making specific recommendations.
  • We'll implement solutions. We’ll develop customized solutions tailored to your objectives and asset allocation requirements, drawing from a wide selection of world-class products and services.
  • We'll monitor your situation and provide ongoing service. Over time, things change—your risk tolerance, your family situation, the financial markets themselves. Through ongoing consultations and regular portfolio reviews, we can help ensure that your financial objectives are always being met. We will spend whatever time is necessary to make sure this investment process is working for you—today and tomorrow.