My philosophy: Consistency, integrity, trust

In the investment world, change is a constant. Yesterday’s bear market is forgotten amidst today’s rally. Inflation ebbs and flows, interest rates rise and fall and tax laws are written and rewritten. Even your own financial situation will change over time. To provide balance in this ever-changing world, I focus on consistency. I stress consistency both in how I work with my clients, and in what I expect from my clients’ wealth management plans and portfolios.
I work to achieve this consistency by evaluating each client’s situation with the same disciplined approach. Through my disciplined approach, clients experience my integrity and, in turn, I earn their trust. I believe trust is necessary for us to provide the greatest level of service and performance for my clients.
Through the years, in all types of economic and investment environments, I have helped my clients achieve their financial goals—and I am ready to help you.

Wealth management approach

As a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner, I take a holistic approach to understanding and assisting my clients. To achieve my objectives, I follow a comprehensive wealth management process that prioritizes your financial goals and identifies strategies to achieve them. This process incorporates these steps:
  • I gather the key information. I will collect the specific information on your financial picture: your net worth, your investments and other assets, your debts and other commitments, and any other data pertaining to your situation, such as estate plans and business-transfer plans.
  • I develop and implement customized strategies. I will develop customized solutions tailored to your objectives and asset allocation requirements, drawing on appropriate products and services. I focus on 13 wealth management issues that research shows are most important for clients to address:
    • Investments
    • Insurance
    • Debts and liabilities
    • Qualified retirement accounts
    • Stock options
    • Business succession plans
    • Durable power of attorney designations
    • Gifting to children/decedents
    • Charitable gifting during life
    • Titling of assets
    • Executor/trustee arrangements
    • Distribution of wealth at death
    • Charitable distributions at death
  • I will monitor your situation and provide ongoing service. Over time, things change - your risk tolerance, your family situation, the financial markets themselves. Through ongoing consultations and regular portfolio reviews, I can help ensure that your financial objectives are always being met.

Investment process

I provide customized investment portfolios for my clients tailored to their specific risk tolerance, time horizon and objective. My portfolios are built based on five investment principles:
  • Diversification — I believe diversification (owning multiple asset classes) is one of the most effective tools in controlling investment risk (i.e., volatility). Each client's tolerance for risk determines the diversification strategy I implement.
  • Asset Allocation — Asset Allocation is the weighting of specific asset classes within a portfolio. One of my goals is to provide my clients the greatest return possible given the level of risk they wish to take - active asset allocation helps achieve this goal.
  • Rebalancing — Regular account rebalancing of a portfolio is both a risk control and return optimization strategy. Rebalancing allows me to continually "buy low and sell high" while avoiding an excess over-allocation to any one asset class.
  • Market Timing — I do not time the market; rather I devise an allocation strategy specific for each client and believe in being fully invested within that strategy at all times.
  • Cost — I strive to ensure that our fees are fair and accurately reflect the value I provide. My clients pay an annual fee for my services based on account value. I feel this fee structure allows me to provide the utmost objectivity in my recommendations.

Client communications

  • Whenever you call, someone will be familiar with your situation and can answer any questions you have.
  • I will generally meet with you at least once a year to discuss the progress you are making toward your objectives. However, I will gladly meet with you more often, if you desire.
  • You are free to call or e-mail us at any time with questions. We strive to respond to all calls and e-mails within one business day, so you will never have to wait long for assistance. Alyssa Hall, a Senior Registered Client Associate, is here to meet all of your service needs. You can feel free to contact her directly with assistance on a number of issues, including money requests or transfers, account values, tax documents, account paperwork or other administrative needs.

My resources...working for you

To make sure I am exploring every avenue available to meet your wealth management goals, I draw on an extensive range of resources, including the following:

  • Extensive research capabilities — Comprehensive research lies behind all of our investment recommendations. I have complete and instantaneous access to the vast research networks of RBC Wealth Management, including many of the leading researchers and analysts in the equity and fixed-income areas.
  • External professionals — I am happy to interact with your other professional advisors, including your CPA, attorney and trust officer. These collaboration consultations are especially likely in conjunction with your estate planning, which can be complex and cover many areas, including wills, trusts, insurance, accounting and taxes. I will work closely with the members of your estate planning team to preserve your assets, pass them on to your heirs and benefit those charitable organizations whose work you support.
  • Internal professionals — In my work with clients, I frequently utilize sophisticated financial strategies. To help incorporate these strategies, I work in conjunction with the RBC Wealth Management experts in investments, trusts, insurance, retirement planning and other key areas. In fact, I am part of an exclusive group of RBC Financial Advisors who, as part of our Private Wealth program, are provided access to a variety of additional resources - including advanced retirement and estate planning support - to assist in working with my high net worth clients.

By combining research capabilities with the expertise of external and internal professionals, I can bring tremendous focus to bear on just one goal - providing you with the right solutions for your individual needs.

Your next step

No matter what your objectives may be—secure retirement income, college for your children or grandchildren, a legacy that benefits your family and your community—I can help you achieve them. I have the experience, expertise and enthusiasm—with an emphasis on consistency—to be your trusted advisor. For full details on how I can assist you, call (952) 476-3709.