"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago"

-Warren Buffett

Mission statement

I am in the business to be a meaningful part of the lives of my clients and their families.  My objective is to grow mutually beneficial relationships into long-term friendships focusing my knowledge and experience on guiding clients through various financial and life stages.  Overall I want my clients to sleep well at night.

Investment philosophy

I believe one's investment philosophy should reflect the current market conditions. Investment success occurs by properly identifying secular and cyclical bull and bear markets and positioning accordingly. Risk can be reduced by blending strategic and tactical assets as well as alternative investments. An avid student of the guitar, I believe constructing a wealth management plan is a lot like writing music: You must adhere to a basic set of key principles, but creativity is needed to strike satisfying and interesting chord progressions.

What is important to you

Professional wealth management helps you answer this question, prioritize your objectives, and prepare financially to accomplish them. Helping you with the financial side of achieving what is important to you is central to everything we do at RBC Wealth Management.

  • Planning for retirement
  • Creating an income during retirement
  • Funding an education
  • Maintaining or enhancing your lifestyle
  • Preparing for a major purchase
  • Protecting your family or income
  • Creating the legacy by which you want to be remembered

Let's take the next step together

I welcome you to experience the RBC Wealth Management difference yourself. Contact me today to set up a meeting.

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July 2024

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