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Global Insight Cover Image - April 2024Interest rate mood swings

As the year progresses and the season changes, so too have some central bank rate cut expectations. We explain how investors should proceed.  Read the Global Insight Monthly »

Quote of the month: 

“The four most dangerous words in investing are 'This time it's different' “


Where I stand

I believe that it is my career mission to provide professional services built upon a foundation of honesty, integrity and trust. I believe that by putting you, the client, first, that my personal success will ultimately follow.  I believe that experience matters. I hope that by providing you with a level of service and expertise that far exceeds your expectations, you will make friends, family and acquaintances aware of my services.

Investment philosophy

Most of the money I manage is in the form of retirement plans, either as IRAs or SEPs which I started for clients years ago, or 401(k) rollovers from folks who've retired from the corporate world. As a result, the accounts I manage tend to be fairly large. Additionally, actions that I take can have a profound affect on a client's lifestyle and standard of living, especially if they're retired and receiving distributions. The responsibility is enormous, but one with which I'm comfortable.

If you find yourself in a position where you're approaching retirement and realize that your corporate 401(k) really isn't geared for the "distribution side of life", I encourage you to reach out. There is a better way, and I would like to show you.

Wondering what to do with your retirement plan?

When you leave your employer, you have several choices to make with your retirement plan. You can roll it into an IRA, move it to a plan with a new employer, keep it in your former employer’s plan or take your distribution in cash. Learn more by reading about the RBC Rollover IRA.


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