What we do

We use a proprietary investment process that goes beyond traditional methods — that builds layer upon layer of diversification to better manage your risk. With diversification as the focal point of the process, we allocate not only among investment styles and asset classes, but among leading investment managers as well. Our six step process:
1) Establish and define our client-consultant relationship
2) Gather your pertinent data
3) Analyze and evaluate your current financial status
4) Develop and present our recommendations
5) Implement our wealth management plan
6) Review and re-evaluate your financial positions through RBC

What we believe

Long-term global economic transformations are challenging the effectiveness of traditional asset allocation approaches. Economic relationships are changing; old school asset diversification models may not produce effective risk diversification increasingly prone to systemic shocks. To better navigate this evolving and turbulent investment climate, clients deserve integrity, corporate responsibility, fiscal stewardship, and stability from their Wealth Management firm and team of financial professionals.

Target market

Successful individuals who value personalized service, professional expertise, and long-term commitment as it applies to:
  • Accumulating wealth
  • Protecting wealth
  • Converting wealth to income
  • Transferring wealth